TECHNOROBOT visits MILIPOL 2013 exhibition

Once again, TECHNOROBOT crosses the border to view at first seen the latest technology on security equipment and systems.

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TECHNOROBOT was present at the MILIPOL 2011 exhibition

Once again TECHNOROBOT was presenting its latest innovations in the International Security Exhibition MILIPOL to be held in Paris from 18 to 21 October

Among the projects, there were two new prototypes: On the one hand, a video-surveillance robot which is able to get 360 degrees of vision around itself and equipped with infrared lights for night vision. On the other, one of the first light robots which allow to fit a lethal weapon.

In addition, in this 17th edition, TECHNOROBOT showed again all its series of Pepperball products and accessories, as well as LRAD products. And TECHNOROBOT has repeated with Riotbot, a robot designed to be used in operations where there is a potential risk to the security forces. It offers the possibility to control a certain area without being detected, without putting in risk the intervention unit, and if necessary it can intervene in a non-lethal way by launching PAVA projectiles.

TECHNOROBOT has parcitipated for second time in this fair devoted to the technological innovations for Security which puts together the last trends, techniques and equipments worldwide. This year it has hosted over 1,000 exhibitors from 43 countries and it expects the arrival of 30,000 visitors.

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JULY 2011


Friday July 1 take place the XL CONGRÉS ACTIU ACCPOLC with the participation of Can Padró, Trablisa and TECHNOROBOT.

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TECHNOROBOT attends the ISDEF exhibition in Tel Aviv (Israel).

TECHNOROBOT attends the celebration of the ISDEF exhibition which takes place in Tel Aviv (Israel) from October the 18th till the 20th.

After assisting the main security exhibitions in Europe like MILIPOL and SICUR, TECHNOROBOT arrives to the International Defence Forces Exhibition (ISDEF) to present the RiotBot.
During 3 days officers from de IDF, Israel Police, 5000 visitors and 120 exhibitors all over the world, prisons authorities, presence of the foreign embassies in Israel, International Defence Delegations and dozens of the local and international media representatives are attending the ISDEF exhibition.

This is a great scenario to show the RiotBot, because Israel Security authorities, Israel police and army are pioneers in the world of security.

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TECHNOROBOT organizes a demo in Lisbon (Portugal)


TECHNOROBOT organizes a demo for the special intervention groups of the Portuguese police. Agents and chiefs of the GNR, DGSP, PSP and UEP attend the demonstration. The event takes place the 1st of October in Lisbon (Portugal).

The demonstration is about PepperBall products. The assistants will learn how to use the PepperBall launchers, tactics and strategies to follow in some specific situations, and they will be able to use the carbines with the different rounds to learn the utilities of each one.
TECHNOROBOT takes also the opportunity to show the LRAD device to the assistants, who resulted very impressed by the high intensity of the sound output and with the capacity of communicating at long range distances it provides.

This demo is a great occasion to introduce TECHNOROBOT products to the Portugal security market.

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TECHOROBOT Master Instructor Training
for its authorized distributors.

With the aim of introducing and increasing the knowledge of PepperBall systems in Spain, TECHOROBOT is developing the Master Instructor Training for its authorized distributors. The Training takes place next September the 27th , 28th and 29th in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid).

After introducing their products in Spain at SICUR 2010 feria, the training objective is to teach and train the participants (distributors of police material and active policemans) about the theory and practical use and maintenance of the different weapons and munitions that belongs to PepperBall family products.
TECHNOROBOT will also take the opportunity to present their other innovative products: The RiotBot and the LRAD acoustic device. In this way, TECHNOROBOT will have skilled and knowledge people about their products all around Spain, which will significantly increase the knowledge of these products in the country.
Some members of the press will come to the event, mainly specialized magazines and newspapers of the sector are the ones that will be covering the event.

We sincerely look forward to this event with enthusiasm and great expectations because it can be very important for TECHNOROBOT's future.

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MAY 2010

TECHOROBOT Mock Prison Riot`s exhibition

TECNOROBOT attends the training and exhibition of Mock Prison Riot, which takes place in West Virginia from May the 3rd till the 5th.

It is an event where the assistants are able to see demonstrations, real training scenarios and exhibitions in a unique infrastructure, a real prison. The exhibitors will also present their innovative products and will allow using them at the different demonstrations that are going to take place during the event.

Mock Prison Riot is a perfect occasion for TECHNOROBOT to show how RiotBot works in a riot situation in a prison. The assistants of the event will be basically authorities of prisons all over the world, mainly from EEUU.

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MARCH 2010

TECHNOROBOT attends as an exhibitor at Booth 10A59 for the next 17th Exhibition Hall of International Security.

Sicur 2010 took place from March 2nd to 5th in IFEMA, Madrid, and was designed as an opened door to the security market worldwide, becoming over time in one of the most important largest Exhibition Hall’s of national security.

As a consequence of the success during the last Milipol 2009, TECHNOROBOT presented in the domestic market products, RiotBot, PepperBall and LRAD. Introducing them within the Spanish markets.

The event was opened to security professionals, manufacturers, and users, buyers and exhibitors of all nationalities.

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TECHNOROBOT presents its latest development for the fair MILIPOL

TECHNOROBOT made the official presentation of its new product RiotBot under the 16th edition of International Fair MILIPOL held in Paris over the next 17-20 November.

RiotBot is the result of a thorough design and engineering project undertaken by a multidisciplinary team of TECHNOROBOT.

The product is conceived, designed and developed for a wide range of police operations, military and security in general, particularly those in which members of units to be engaged are not fully guaranteed their personal safety or it may be at risk. That is why the RiotBot intended to be an indispensable ally in this type of action, getting through use safeguarding the physical integrity of the operators and equipment to run it.
The success has been achieved through the development of this product enables the company the opportunity to continue developing new products.

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New anti riot equipment

Acustic device to inform concentrations.

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